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Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

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Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil

You’ve Never Experienced a Beard Oil Like This Before.   

While other beard oil brands are busy discussing your manhood, (or lack beard of), we want to take a moment to discuss something they aren’t talking about… your beard, and more importantly, what lies beneath. We believe that it’s how you treat the beard that makes the man, not the other way around.


Hydrate the Beard & the Skin Beneath It 

  • When it comes to beard oil effectiveness, the key is distribution. Just slathering a bunch of liquidy oil on your beard does nothing to keep it healthier. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Liquidy beard oils are often too thin to penetrate to the skin and often leaves the beard looking and feeling greasy all day long.
  • That’s why, in the spirit of doing things RITE, we’ve created a revolutionary, thicker, easier to apply, less woodsy and less greasy beard and skin conditioner called Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil. Expertly formulated by barbers, its thicker consistency makes it easier to deliver superb moisturization to hair and skin, leaving your beard feeling softer, healthier and well groomed.


Why Thicker Is Better

  • Thicker means it’s easier to apply, making your beard faster to groom and easier to maintain.
  • Thicker means it’s easier to evenly distribute into your beard hair and actually get down to your skin.
  • Thicker means that it absorbs in your beard, not on your shirt.
  • Thicker means that it won’t leave hands overly greasy.
  • Thicker means it tames the beard as well, keeping it looking groomed longer.
  • And unlike the competition, thicker means it makes a really bad salad dressing.


It Comes in a Tube

  • No more droppers, tiny caps or delicately spilling oil into your hand, counter and clothes. The packaging of our beard oil is designed eliminate all that mess.


Bye Bye Beard-ruff

  • It happens to all of us. When you neglect the skin beneath your beard for too long it can begin to feel dry and scratchy. When you scratch it, your beard begins to snow like a White Christmas. Just another reason why the proper distribution of a beard oil is so damn important.
  • The unique blends of natural oils and emollients in our concentrated beard oil soften and tame your beard hair making it feel less “tuggy" on the skin. Its vitamin packed oils penetrate down to the skin quickly making it soft and supple and eliminating “beard-ruff” without feeling greasy.


Your Beard Smells Great, Said No Lumberjack Ever

  • For some reason, beard oil companies think that the ultimate goal of manliness is smelling like you just spent 8 hours in an Oregon forest chopping down trees. We spoke to some Lumberjacks. All of them go home and take a shower, trust us.
  • Our Concentrated Beard Oil comes with the signature mild Cream Soda Vanilla scent you’ve come to expect from Layrite products. It’s instantly delicious (like eating a cookie) but not overpowering.It won’t interfere with your cologne or natural manliness. Plus chicks dig it.

In Conclusion....

Like a man, a beard either has integrity, or he doesn’t. With the over saturation of manliness in the over saturated market of beard oils it all comes down to this.

No pictures of non-smiling lumberjacks.
No pictures of hipster girlfriends.
No pictures of artisanal beer steins or organic unprocessed steak being cooked over a fire pit started by rubbing two sticks together in the woods of Oregon.
Just one fact.
We think you’ll get the picture. 

Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil.  Made For Barbers, By Barbers. 


Why wouldn’t you use the beard oil your barber uses?

Beard Tested, Barber Approved.

Beard Responsibly.


Short Beards, Long Beards, even mustaches.
Women who want their man to have a more approachable beard.



1. Put down your lumberjack swag.

2. Cleanse face and beard.

3.Dispense desired amount between hands and thoroughly work into your beard.

      For short-medium beards, use up to a dime-size application.

      For long beards, use a nickel to quarter size application.

4. Guys with longer beards should comb through and shape with their favorite beard brush or comb.






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Introducing Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil
  • Introducing Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil
    Introducing Layrite Concentrated Beard Oil, the Beard Oil Cory...

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  1. BBB.... Best Beard Buy!

    By Seamus on 7th Mar 2017

    First off... I have used several different products. Some stink, some do nothing and lots of them are just too oily. I thought I would give this a try only because, when I had hair on top of my head, I used Layrite's classic pomade. So it has been awhile since I had the need for that!

    My beard is longer... I had tried lots of products including leave in conditioners that did help. But this stuff was amazing, first use it made my beard much more controllable. I have never had the issue some guys have of my beard itching, so I can't say if this will make a difference for that to be quite honest. Just like when I had hair on top of my head, as my beard grew out I noticed it was loopy curls, looked like Shirley Temple had her head stuck under my chin. Another reviewer said it made their beard curl up, but for me, it actually had the opposite effect, it made the curls relax and fall out some. All my hair is pretty soft, but with all that curl going on, it was really bushy. After about two weeks of use I noticed the biggest difference I have ever noticed with any product, It was finally laying down on the sides, my cheeks and my chin. I was also able to start training my mustache area to grow outward (left and right), instead of straight down over my lip without having to used something everyday to hold it in place.

    What works best for me, with a longer beard (this might not be for guys with short beards), right after I get out of the shower I lotion what little of my face that is actually showing, LOL, but while my beard is still pretty damp, I apply it first with my fingers, then I brush it through with a boars head bristled brush. I have found this seems to be the point at which I can get it under control the most.

    Couple other good points... I am so prone to acne, I have to be careful of anything I put on my face... this now, after using for a couple of months hasn't broke me out. It also has just a hint of a smell, that isn't so much it drives you crazy like a lot of other products.

    I have already recommended this to several friends and all that have tried it are hooked. The only thing I wish, they had another size, a bigger one... if you have a long beard, you will go through this pretty quickly, more hair means more product.

  2. Great product

    By Unknown on 11th Jan 2017

    Best beard oil i've tried.

  3. Good product

    By Mark Jones on 11th Dec 2016

    Layrite Beard Oil is a good product. I really like how it moisturizes my beard and the skin. No more dry itchy beard and face.

  4. smells great

    By Unknown on 6th Dec 2016

    Smells great and gets the job done. The vanilla is subtle not overpowering. Very pleasant smell. Not too greasy

  5. Good Purchase

    By Bjorn on 11th Nov 2016

    I have never used a beard oil before, 'or did I know what to expect from it. It relieved the itchy-ness & left my beard feeling softer. Also, my girlfriend loves the scent.

  6. Layrite's beard oil is top notch.

    By Joshua Marlan Hunt on 10th Nov 2016

    I have an exceptionally thick and long beard and this new oil is among the best I've ever used. As a longtime fan and daily user of Layrite's other products, I was very happy to see the announcement that they'd created a product for my beard using the same high standards and realistic aesthetic found in the rest of their line of amazing products. The scent is gentle and becoming, and the texture is perfect. It applies well and absorbs quickly. As I mentioned above my beard is very dense, so I see myself using quite a lot of this oil, and very quickly; so the 2oz tube may not last me very long. I might like to see a larger quantity available. And while the $20 pricepoint is mostly fair (and very similar to other high quality brands) it does feel a bit steep for someone like me in a working-class income bracket. All in all, I'm very satisfied and plan on using this as my exclusive beard oil on a regular basis. Keep up the good work Layrite. -Joshua Marlan Hunt, Washington UT.

  7. Good conditioner

    By Ossian McCreery on 7th Nov 2016

    I got this product to get my beard in control. Two things happened:
    1) My beard and skin became immediately relieved of the itch of a scratchy tough beard
    2) The hair became immediately conditioned. As not predicted it became much curlier! At first this was not as intended however in the long run it is way preferable to the wild uncontrolable mess of before. Now the curl is attractive and comfortable.

  8. I'm really glad I gave this product a try.

    By Joel on 20th Oct 2016

    This beard oil is by far one of the best I've ever used. I wasn't really sure what to think after reading about how it's thicker than everyone else's oil, but since I've been using it I really see the advantage in it. I have a medium/long, thick beard, and this applies very well into it with minimal amounts of product, compared to the amount of "liquid" oil I'd have to use to get the same result. The smell is very nice while remaining tastefully subtle which I really appreciate. Also if you have the mustache pomade, the two make an excellent combo.

  9. best product ever

    By dpicm88@yahoo.com on 20th Oct 2016

    This is by far the best product I've found for my beard. It tames the hair and makes it soft to the touch and isn't oily. It moisturizes my skin and adds just the right amount of scent. I love that it is more of a cream and doesn't make my face and neck all oily.

  10. another layrite hit!

    By rob on 18th Oct 2016

    I've tried a lot of beard oils, for the most part, they all work the same, but add in the layrite scent, and there isn't another oil that I plan on buying again.

  11. long lasting on long beards

    By jaxon allen on 19th Sep 2016

    I've got a 4 year old full beard. My issues are after showering or getting it wet, I am annoyed with comments of "did you trim your beard?" perhaps after showering some of you have similar trouble. If so, this priduct is the fix. Restores the full beard glory after showering. Keeps it that way for over 24 hours as well. You can't go wrong with this stuff! I've tried a half dozen others over the years. This is the best.

  12. Beard heaven...

    By Unknown on 19th Sep 2016

    I have used various products for beard care.. Essential oils and different oils from other.....but this layrite oil is the best conditions and helps lay rite....pardon the pun... But perfect...

  13. New favorite Beard Oil

    By T on 16th Sep 2016

    When I first saw that Layrite was coming out with a beard oil, I was very interested. I have been using Layrite's pomades for several months now and love how they stack up against alternative pomades. I went ahead and purchased the beard oil and was beyond excited for the package to arrive. When I got home I gave my beard a quick wash and then applied the product. The first thing I noticed was the smell; it has a sweet glazed-doughnut-type scent, without being too overpowering. After distributing it throughout my beard, I noticed right away how much it tamed the wild hairs and kept everything in line. I had been using other oils prior that had the typical "woodsy" and "citrus" smells, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easily Layrite's oil absorbed in my beard and left virtually no residue on my hands, all while keeping the cream soda scent trapped in my beard for hours afterwards. I also feel like my beard is being moisturized throughout the day, rather than having a heavy oil resting. I now look forward to getting up in the morning and applying this beard oil, for many more months to come. Hopefully you guys get it in a bigger tube sometime in the near future! Keep it up fellas!!

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